1) Browses images from the galleries in the menu above1

2) Select BUY if you know exactly what you want to purchase or FAVORITE if you have some questions about the image(s).2

3) If you have selected your image(s) as BUY, and you have no further questions, you may proceed directly to check-out, this site only accepts Pay Pal at this point. I will follow up with you immediately after the order with information about your print's proofing, printing, shipping and arrival dates.  

4) If you have selected your images as FAVORITE(s) and have further questions, email me your favorites listing via the module provided on this website and include any comments or questions in the space provided.  

5) Expect your print to arrive three to four weeks after ordering, via insured UPS delivery. I will be in pretty constant contact during the process. 3

6) Send me a picture of the print when it is all framed and hung in your space, it is a an incredibly rewarding experience for me to see where you choose to enjoy them.



1 If you are looking for a particular image from the ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE photo blog that you do not see represented here, please CONTACT ME with the reference number accompanying the photo (i.e., #705) and I will hunt it down. 

2 If you are considering a series of images, please make your selections as favorites and then email me the favorites list via the website module provided. I also have a free preview service where you would email me a photograph of the space you are considering displaying the images and I will create a mock-up of them hanging in the space (it will look like the images you see on this page).  

3 Right now I can easily ship anywhere in the United States, Canada, Europe & Australia, but will make every effort to get you your print no matter where in the world you want to enjoy them.