SIZE:   I have pre-selected large-sized prints of 16” X 24” with no border1

QUALITY AND DETAIL:  These classic black and white, matt prints are archival quality and they look beautiful--I own several of them myself. 2



FRAMES: In my experience, frames are a very personal choice. Based on the particular image, the environment in which it will be displayed and the personal taste of the collector, the variables are so subjective that I have left this choice to the buyer.

Please note that the price listed here is for THE PRINT ONLY, in other words, THE FRAME IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICES LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE. 



PRICING & SHIPPING: The base price for a 16" X 24" standard B&W, matt, paper print is $129.95 USD--shipping and handling included. Prints are expertly packed and shipped directly to you from the lab. 


All questions are welcome, so please CONTACT ME if you have them!






1 If you have larger (or smaller) print size requirements beyond what I have pre-selected here, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and I will do my best to accommodate. Also, if you would like a border for your mounting needs, let me know. 

2 If you would prefer to use a different style of paper or finish (glossy), I have experimented with several and would certainly love to accommodate you.  CONTACT ME and let’s discuss.