I have had a great fun with metal prints. I think the print quality is excellent and they come with a wall mount affixed to the rear, so you don't have to purchase a frame.  I also love that I can make these prints affordable enough for lots of people to enjoy them. 


SIZE:   I have pre-selected large-sized prints of 16” X 24”1


QUALITY AND DETAIL:  After experimenting with various styles of metal printing, I prefer a white base, satin (matte) finish as it most closely represents a fine art paper print.

For this style of printing they infuse a layer of white ink into the metal first and then infuse a matt print of the image on top of the white layer. 2




WALL MOUNTS: No frames necessary!  Each print comes with a pre-attached, floating mount that suspends the metal print 1/2" away from the surface of the wall.  











DURABILITY: The added bonus of metal prints is that they are incredibly durable. Because the image is infused right into the metal (and not 'painted' on to the surface) your print is not only waterproof, weatherproof and scratch resistant, but it can even be cleaned with glass cleaner. 


PRICING & SHIPPING: The base price for a 16" X 24" metal print is $174.95 USD--with shipping and handling included. Prints will arrive in a well protected box. Please note, that in order to maintain these prices, I hold all orders until the end of the month before placing them with the Lab.  So, if your order is placed at the beginning of the monthly cycle it may take a few weeks for delivery. I will obviously be in constant communication. 


All questions are welcome, so please CONTACT ME if you have them!


1 If you have larger (or smaller) print size requirements beyond what I have pre-selected here, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and I will do my best to accommodate.

2 If you would prefer to use a different style of metal printing and finish, I have experimented with several and would certainly love to accommodate you.  CONTACT ME and let’s discuss.